Stereoscopic 3D animation - did it work?

Hello, all!

With my usual foresight, I’ve spent the last month-and-a-bit working on a Doctor Who title sequence with the intent of making it a stereoscopic, 360-degree video, despite not having any VR headset with which to test it. This is where I turn to you fine people; can anyone tell me whether the 3D effect of this video has come out properly?

Not sure if you’ve figured it out yet, but yes the 3D has come through. I don’t have a headset, but if you could do the moving around with your mouse in YouTube, then I’m pretty confident it has worked.

My mate was experimenting with doing the 360 animations last week. It seemed to take YouTube a while to recognise it was a 360 video before it added the extra controls. Did you find the same thing?

is anyway to use SBS on youtube?