Stereoscopic Equirectangular perceptive scale too big! Help!

Hi all!

I´m trying to render an stereoscopic - equirectangular image of a hallway, I already achieved to render it on a top-bottom image and watch it on my HTC Vive device on stereo, everything works fine except the overall size of the hallway, it looks bigger than it shoud. My logic was to increase the Interocular Distance of the eyes to emulate a “bigger head” but that logic didn´t worked, that just makes a mess and a potential headache. I also reduce de size of the full hallway, that didn´t work either.

So, my question is, is there a way to define the size of the “spectator” or the size of the space in an equirectangular stereoscopic render, I mean… to play with some value that can give you how a fly would percieve the space or if a giant stuck his big head on the hallway.

I´m thinking that it can be related with optics or cameras but you can´t edit or play with those values on a equirectangular “panorama type”

I´m using 2.8RC

Thanks you very much in advance!

You’d have to control the FOV angle in your viewer software.

Hi! SterlingRoth

Thank you very much for the answer.

Have been looking for hours a way to adjust the FOV on the HTC Vive Player but it seams that option doesn´t exists, at least on the player I´m using.

It makes sens that is an option you should adjust on the viewer, as I understand those players are just a 3D cube or sphere, making the sphere or cube smaller should make the spaces smaller too.

Do you have an HTC Vive? Have you achieve this?

Thanks! :wink:

What I´m trying to achieve is basically to scale the camera on an estereoscopic top-bottom workflow for a vr display, of course you can´t scale the camera on Blender but there must be a way on the settings to achieve delivering two equirectangular top-bottom stereo images that can resemble a small or big “spectator” on VR.