Stereoscopic images with Cycles

This is a scene I came up with to experiment with using two cameras to make stereoscopic images.

Stereoscopy is the technique of creating an illusion of depth by using separate images for the right and left eye. To see the 3d effect you have look at the images in such a way that they almost seem to overlap. Ive noticed it’s easier to see the illusion with smaller sized images, so it might be easier to see this illusion by moving back slightly from the screen.

This is also my first time messing around with cycles. I finally bit the bullet and started learning how to use it…

I realize there is a decent amount of noise in the renders. I had my renders set to 200 samples each. ( I was too impatient for any more)

Comments suggestions and/or criticisms?


Here is a tutorial where I show you how to combine the two images to make a red-cyan 3d stereoscopic render:

This cross-eyed 3D is just not my thing really. I can’t get it right.

ps i went on here when i was very drunk and I couldn’t see the 3d image. at all. so idk if you all could. let me know

I could, seems like it might have been a little off though.

I think the viewports were too far apart from one another. How do you know how far apart to set the cameras?

I think the idea is to simulate the human eye.
So measure the space between the center of your eyes… I think that’s it…