Stereovision Blender

I’m not sure if I’m at the right place, but there seem to be other builds and such here.

I’ve wanted to implement side-by-side stereo in Blender for a while. It seemed fairly simple, but the python api (and, in fact, Blender’s core) didn’t really make it possible as a python script. Since I was supposed to study for finals, I decided to spend the time learning blender and c.

I even made a little page for it at Basically, its a big kludge that allows two viewports to be offset by a certain eye distance.

Right now I only have linux binaries and the patch itself because I don’t really know how to compile on other platforms yet. If someone finds this useful (or cool?) enough to provide binaries for other platforms, that would be great.

As this is sort of a proof-of-concept, the binaries were compiled with basically just the essentials (no verse, openal, game engine, internationalization, etc…).

Anyway, try it out and let me know what you think.

As I see it, linking two cameras together on the same path is not the problem. That can be done with ordinary animation techniques. It’s getting the renderer to produce a side-by-side image for each frame. Unless you are talking about interleaved images. I think that is doable with animation techniques switching cameras at each frame.

Right, this was primarily for fun. I used to use the parented, linked-duplicate camera method, but its hard to actually work (edit/sculpt) when you can’t use the MMB to navigate – its fine for viewing/rendering though.

This isn’t meant to set up cameras for rendering, its for the interface – Like a sort of modeling aid in case someone finds it easier to model with depth perception …and crossed eyes… (I don’t know if it makes modeling easier yet, that’s one of the reasons I made this patch).

I may see if I can implement some sort of automated stereo rendering though. That might be neat – non-side-by-side is already possible with render nodes and such.

I couldn’t tell from this thread if someone knows how to be able to see in stereo WHILE I MODEL or otherwise manipulate a model in the viewport. I haven’t been able to find a single 3D app anywhere that enables one to model in stereo while you model. Can Blender do it. Please explain how to in simple terms. For example, what is game mode. I am not creatying games, but I understand I can create a red/green modeling viewport? Is this true, and does it make a difference that it is in game mode? I will be using Blend sculpting mostly.

I am new to 3D and Blender. What is MMB and how will the plugin enable me to edit/sculpt better while seeing in realtime stereo?

Yes, this allows stereo while modeling/sculpting. I’m not sure if the sculpting behavior is completely sound, but it seems to work. The stereo is achieved with side-by-side (sorry, no red-green/blue glasses or anything: you have to cross your eyes).

MMB is middle mouse button. Basically, as you change the view in one window, it also changes in the other so you consistently see in stereo.

I’m not sure if it will actually help for everybody, but it does provide a sense of depth which could make visualization easier for some.

Can the image pair be made large to mostly fill the screen?
I sent an email a few minutes ago to evan @ something or other. Is that address good for more questions about the patch?