Sterling Engine

Hey there!
I’ve created this little animation for one of my lectures at university. I wish that this will make my lectures a bit more fascinating! I do like it and I hope you like it too. :smiley:
I tried to create a little Sterling Engine and wanted to show the creative and artistic side of engineering.
Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Here is my YouTube Video:


That’s pretty cool, are all the animations constrained to each other like you would with Solidworks, move one a chain reaction ?

There was a guy on a homeshopmaching forum who build these from scratch, his own designs, was pretty impressive.

Yeah, it is like u described! :slight_smile: Ironically, I’ve created the engine in CAD (Solid Edge) at first and then I moved to blender (remodeling etc.) to get a nice rendering… :slight_smile: So theoretical it’s functional!