Steve the eyeball monster

Greetings :RocknRoll:

I’m making an eyeball monster. :eyebrowlift: I plan to rig and release it for free download when it’s done. Very WIP still (as you can see) but it’s coming. I need to get better with the grease pencil hehehe…

This is also an exercise in becoming more comfortable with 2.5.

I’d love to hear your ideas (C&C…though there’s not much to crit on atm lol :o )


Added legs.


i am very interested in seeing how this turns out :slight_smile: fun concept

Me too! :slight_smile:

Steve has feet now :wink:


Rigging is complete now. Still need to fix some weights…but the rig itself is complete.


Working on the texture now.

edit: I’m pretty much done with the eyeball texture now. Crits?