Steven by Ten24

This thread is dedicated to the tests I have made with the model from Ten24 and with the skin shader from Brecht.

Here is a poster in high resolution. (Click the image for full resolution (2000px x 1125px))

Here are the full credits:
Model: Steven by Ten24 -
Shader by Brecht -

Post-produced (in Blender):

Post-produced (in Blender):

Shading nodes for glossy reflection (you will have to add these to the skin shader for results similar to those shown in pictures). Pictures are without post-production.

Version 1: Artistic glossy

Version 2: Realistic approximation from Nvidia (paper). Check p.37 for fresnel and p.40 for roughness

Version 3: Artistic oily glossy

Comparison of results with and without roughness and color/intensity maps from this paper. Images are without post-production.

Without maps:

With maps:

Without maps:

With maps:

With maps, tweaked light and post-produced:

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Slightly unrelated, but I just checked out your website in your sig and your nude paintings are really really awesome.

@swmo: Thank you for your kind words. At the same time - please let’s try and keep this thread focused on Steven :).

Man, these are some really excellent results. To my eye the images in post 3 and 4 are most realistic. I will have to reference this next time I try to do a human…

Looks cool is the SSS node a custom one? I noticed it has ‘texture blur’ instead of the RGB wavelength channels.
The color bleed is too strong, I think having the bleed appear around the edges of the diffuse shadows.

Great tests, Robert! I’m sure Ten24 will be glad to see their awesome scan being put to good use!
Out of curiosity, what were the render times like? I was going to download the file to try myself, but then saw it’s over 200 MB!

Thank you guys for your kind words and apologies for my late reply.

@CPU: It is using a slightly tweaked skin shader originally made by Brecht. You can get the tweaked version here:
Regarding the color bleed - if you are referring to the red spot under his nose - that is actually the result of a rather specific case of lighting.

@anon42665738 Candy: The shader is actually amazingly fast. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note about the exact rendering times.