Steven Spielberg is remaking GITS - dissaster?

I say it’s going to be an absolute train-wreck.

What do you think?

I agree with you. And my nightmare is that Batou will be dubbed by Tom Cruise … D:

I doubt it will work, just look at the dragonball movie for example and i have also read they plan to do this with akira also. The thing is they take animated things that are already popular for the right reasons and think remaking them with characters that are nothing like the originals, special effects and events nothing like in the original will result in everyone liking it too.

It just doesn’t work, if however they took the best concepts and ideas from them and named it something else so it was different but just had a similar style that could work. If not though unless it directed by the people that made the original anime’s and has good character castings and a decent story then animation to live action probably won’t work.

Ive almost completely lost faith in all these big shot directors lately, like Spielberg and Lucas to name a couple.

After the last 3 Starwars movies, the latest Indianan Jones (eugh…)

They seem too caught up in the money once they become ‘big’ to even remember what movies are really about.

It gets even worse when they team up with other bigshots. High expectations from the public & poor results from these directors (unless your still impressed by big explosions, excess CGI where its not needed and millions of other overused cliches)


Spielberg will transform the cyborgs into aliens. The right man to do a film based on GITS is James Cameron.

GiTS is cultic - I dont think that movie director can do such atmosphere (like in the GiTS) with modern approach and if I add that fact that it is western movie director I think it will be a very bad adaptation.

Well he did the very cool and stylized minority report which I enjoyed, if you said michael bay i would be worried. lets face it outside of japan and excluding anime fans. not many people have heard about ghost in the shell but they have heard about Spielberg having his name on the credit roll will pull in more people than simply those who have watched the movies or read the comics.

Probably won’t be as bad of a disaster as the new Karate Kid movie coming out. I’m surprised they used Jackie Chan and didn’t CG Bruce Lee to play Miyagi.

@jc987, would make much more sense to CG the Miyagi man himself, no? :wink:

There’s only one reason to remake a classic.

So you can belly up to the profit trough.

… that’s too horrible to even be possible.

I mean, that just can’t happen … can it!?

I hope Tom Cruise will be acting in another movie that time, so it will NOT happen :).