Stew & Minor hotel


Here are concepts of hotel units. Rendered with Cycles, 2500 samples


bedroom and bath


another unit variant


and exterior, - very fast photo integration


All renderings are done for 5 days with rendertime

WOW! Amazing work! Really really cool interiors. One little issue: the environment (world texture) used for the interiors looks a little bit different (e.g. there’s a river) to the environment from the exterior rendering.

@glooblooz, Thank you!, yes the exterior panorama on 1-st unit was wrong i fixed it in the second unit. It was a very rush task, client needed all ASAP and i just had no time on fixes.

Some really nice work here…id have to agree about the environment outside being a little dodgy…but overall, its brilliant!

@peter18, thank you!

Wow really impressive work , all models done in blender ?

kitchen and sofas, lights are done in blender, books too, tv, doors, bath stuff too, all other stuff is downloaded over the internet

There’s no question that the decor is stylish and the modeling/lighting/rendering is well done. Like others mentioned, the weakness is in the background texture. In the first two images, especially, I feel like the building is leaning toward the ground and all the furniture is about to slide out the window. pops a dramamine

I traced the lines to their vanishing point to show the discrepancy between the scene’s perspective and the photograph’s. I know you said you fixed it – just something to keep in mind. Your work here is beautiful, rushed or not.

@Tyto_alba thank you! - link to highres image 8000 samples

Looks great (except that over-bumpy floor and leather couch).

Very impressive, just a small comment: as stated above-horizon in perspective has to be ca. 1/3 H from the bottom of canvas, if projection from human point of view, therefore your apt. looks a bit as if it was falling down )).

bluecd yep, you’re right, but client was pishing the dedline and i had only 5 days for all stuff with clients fixes

Wow, really impressive. Once again, convinced that Blender - great programs.

impressive work.

Quite impressive. Love the feel to this. Great job!