Stick Figure Ragdoll Shooter WIP

Started working on this yesterday . Its pretty fun!

Excellent :smiley:

Want any toys ? ( ray based explosions etc?)

Looking good.

Please never leave this project I want to play it so badly :evilgrin:

Looks, awesome and very fluid!

Are you thinking of adding bosses or stronger stickmen with unique attacks?

This has within it the seeds of greatness. Please carry on with this :slight_smile:

Wow I saw this on the Facebook group, and it’s amazing!

It looks such… such… I have no words - it is just amazing!:slight_smile:

Please, add shop to the game, limited ammo, health boxes and a story mode with a lot of tactics included…:slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the positive feedback. Still working on smooth state transitions with animation and tracking. Other than that I want to have more weapons, more enemies, knives and maybe a sword, grenades, assassination animations and body parts. Lots to go. I think BluePrintRandom will help me implement weapon pick up, and then I plan to make the level a factory warehouse with a boss at the end.

It’s just instantly lovable. My one suggestion would be to not overcomplicate it.

That outline shader looks so good :smiley:
I litteraly have nothing to complain about this.

The way that the map scrolls - it looks so good and smooth…


Take a look at this. The part where I sneak up on the red guy, will have an assassination move. For the smooth move - the camera is child to an empty that tracks to the mouse. The empty is then a child of another empty with a “LEFT/RIGHT ANIMATION”, which is then child of the Player. Every relationship has slow parent relation checked on, creating a smooth movement in the direction the player is looking.

Wow, this is very impressive :smiley:

Love stickman games

personally i liked the non involved camera better. but this looks fantastic

I think I preferred the non-involved camera as well…

I agree, It got real annoying after a while :confused: