Stick Figure

I was re-watching my mancandy dvd, and I figured a stick figure would be cool to make. I am doing some initial tests, such as rigging a curve. The attached pictures show my success. I have a control point at the end of this path that I have made 3d with some bevel, and by dragging that around it bends the path, or stretches the path. that is the IK constraint, the length of the path there are 5 bones, the rest of them are FK, so you can rotate them one by one, as seen in the third attached image. In the end I plan to make a stick figure out of paths and some spheres at the joints. The idea is that it is completly flexable. Another option is that I might use those to make a curve deform for some mesh, so that I can get the standard mesh interaction, and some detail, but still get that neet curve deform. I will share the blender file as soon as i clean it up a little, right now nothing is named, and it is a mess, so expect it soon.