Stickman Will Not Follow A Curve

Hi All,

I am working with the stickman character.

I am trying to make the character follow a curve as it walks.

I have a cube that is following the curve and then I parent the rig to the cube. While this does move the character along the path, it does not follow the curve.

I am attaching a blend to demonstrate this.
Quite disappointing, actually…:no:


ras_stickman_curve_error.blend (580 KB)

I have no idea how you set this up, because whenever I try to change something, cubes and stickman start flying all over the screen, but it’s actually quite simple to have stickman follow a curve.
There are several ways for it, I’ve uploaded a blend file with the simplest, cleanest (imo) method at

You can keep the parent cube, and either parent it to the curve, and choose path follow, curve deform or path constraint… I’d choose the constraint. or manually (or with select the path first, then the armature, hotkey ctrl+alt+C) add the constraint and fill in the paths name. choose -Y as the forward axis, or stickman will face backwards.

A very basic mistake you make is by using a SCALED! path in object mode to follow along with instead of scaling the curve itself. It may not cause problems, or it could also scale up your offset, and all of a sudden your character is gone, because he’s flown halfway across the virtual globe.

You wouldn’t happen to be the same atom as the one on vimeo would you? the one which made that funky stickman movie?

It probably is the scaled curve in object mode, I always do that. Now I have to add another step to my cruve creation. Create curve, press TAB, select All, scale up. Dang all those steps. I wish Blender would just remember that I like my curves big enough to use, not that tiny default that is built in.

Yes, tis me Freaky Dude. Still playing with stickman!

Thanks for the example file.