this is a project I’ve been working on for a couple of day. tell me what you think. by the way it has to be opened in blender so if you have blender open you should save it before you open the file. plus when you get to the page you have to click the “next page” button three times then click on download stickman.blend. (p.s. if anyone can tell me how to make it so the file doesn’t needed to be opened in blender I would appreciate it)

plz post screenshot

how do you do a screenshot?

Good start. You might want to look at the Intro to Character Animation tutorial, which includes modelling, rigging and animating a character (Link is in my signature).

Also, take a look at the reference and manual pages for the Render / Scene context which will show you how to render and save an image. After setting the optioins, you basically press F12, then F3 and save your image, then use the Manage Attachments button in the post reply Additional Options here on the forum.

For a screenshot on Windows, press teh PrintScreen key, then open up PaintBrush or your favorite 2d paint program and use the Edit / Paste option, then save the file (.jpg or .png will produce smaller file sizes), then use the Forum Manage Attachments button to upload the file.


here you go. and thanks to Mike_S for the tip on making a screenshot. so once again tell me what I should work on.


Just my opinion but I think the area between the arms and legs seems a bit too long… either that or the legs and arms are too short. Other then that well it looks like a stick man :stuck_out_tongue: not really too much to crit. Prehaps give him some little feet and hands… Then rig him and do a small animation with him…

I was planning on having him hold a gun and shoot something, but I can’t find a tutorial on how to make a simple gun. does anyone know where I can find one? I think you might be right about the length of the body.

I got a better view and on the blue one changed the color and lighting so I could see it better.