Still Can't find actions in action window in 2.33.

I haven’t used blender in a while but in 2.33, once I change an action to a NLA strip, I can’t access it ( or any other actions in the action window. I have got the armature in pose mode. Is there a hot key to bring up a new menu?

I don’t have blender on this computer but I think its Shift A

nope, didn’t work.

Your mouse curser should be in the graph section of the NLA window, then press Shift A. THis will give you a list of converted strips.

I want to edit the action in the action window. This only brings up the the NLA strip of the action in the NLA window.


go the the action window and load the action. No?

OK, I think I understand now.

Your actions have been converted to NLA strips. They are still there, you just can’t see them.

Try this,

1.In pose mode, select the bone that you want to edit/ change the action IPO.

  1. enter a key frame for it.

  2. In the Action window, it will say “action”, This is where you can change the name of the action like ArmSwing.L etc.

to the left of it is a browser button (up and down triangle) press it and you will see the actions there. Click on the one you want to edit that is related to the bone / IKA Solver

IF you have several bones in the same armature chain with IPO’s, they will all be listed in the action window. left click on the one you want to edit and it will apper IPO window, (Make sure you select action in the IPO window.

There may be an easier way of doing this, but’s the only way I know how to do it

Hope this helps.

Nope. I think you’re referring to a bug, that will be fixed in the 2.33a release. In order to get your Action selector to appear in the actions window, you have to enter pose mode on an armature, and set a key. This will make the Action selection widget appear. It’s a bug.

Thanks, thought it might have bug but wasn’t sure.