still cant find my 3d crosshair

Hello All.
I cant seem to find my 3d crosshair. Even if i press shift C it does not being it back to the center it changes my view to some lost place in space. so what do i do when shift C is not working for me?

Thank you

Darius Kirschner

View —> View properties —>click
A dialog box will appear that has the current cursor location displayed. You can edit the location.

Left mouse click should position the 3D cursor wherever you want it. If you can’t see it, this may be a video driver problem.

select an object and shift ‘s’ cursor to selection.

Select an object in a familiar place then snap the curser to its center.

Then your curser at least isn’t ‘lost’

Or rotate the view so it views the scene from the front, left click, right, left click, top, left click, those 3 clicks should get the curser back to the middle.


Close that blend with the missing cross hair, now just open blender.exe and go to file>>open file and find the file again.

Look in the bar at the bottom of the open window and unselect 'load UI" by clicking on it.

Then hit enter to open the file. Now you will have the crosshairs back to normal.

Anytime your file gets odd this is the easiest way to fix things and not loose any data from the file you are working on or get frustrated.

Hope that helps