Still Halloween

A bit late for this, but here’s my ghostly pumpkin.

You need to either brighted up the ambient lighting a little or make the background darker. Right now they seem inconsistant together lighting-wise.

Love it!

Really nice pumpkin - the center of the picture. :smiley:

Did you use particles to make the fog?

Good picture :slight_smile:
A background will be good ( a dark forest for example ). The pumpkin is “beautifull”

Is that Suzanne!? Nice pumpkin!

About the light, Kansas had a point there, and it seemed too plain anyway. So here’s another version.
Background art is a modified image of a Karen Williams Edelmann painting.

Brrr ! scary environmeent :smiley: Here the ground is more clean

Thats really good :smiley:

Great work, I really like the atmosphere.