Still Here Game

Hi to all, I want to share my first game in blender i finish, i think its not perfect but its first so :S.



I haven’t played it but it looks advanced for a first game! You’ve obviously put in a lot of work in this and it has payed off :slight_smile: great work! I will try to play this during the weekend.

Well done for a first game ! :cool:
Very nice storytelling !

For the cons, I think that you could improve the models and textures you did, and add more expressions to characters.

But congratulations, I would never have finished a project that big.
For how long have you used blender ?

Thanks @nsrosenqvist ! I think the game is very bad optimized, but i´m studying to create a better game.

Thanks Pohatu23 :), Yes i spent some time to make this game, I use blender more or less 2 years.
Right now i´m creating a new game but i only creating storyline.