Still learning the human form

The next part of my study will be on the eyes.

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New changes done to the head sculpt.

Great sculpting!! I think that you captured your drawing effectively.

That being said my critique would be to refine your drawing further. This critique is from the perspective that realism is your goal.

  • The proportions of the face can be refined. Focus on the underlying shapes of the face. I find that tracing over a picture or portrait to help understand what proportions should feel like.

  • Secondly, I recommend sculpting in isometric view in your viewport. The perspective mode can distort features, especially when you look closer at the model.

  • Thirdly, I would place the reference image directly into your scene. You can either draw in grease pencil. Or just draw your image file into the scene.

You’re doing good work! Seems to me you can a knack for sculpting. Good luck with your studies!