Still-life (Indigo)

Hi everyone.

I’m working on a new animation, and after some tests with Indigo (v. 1.1.18) I’m seriously thinking about using it to render the animation. I’m playing with Blendigo and trying to get the max out of it, so I got this still-life I made some weeks ago and adapted it to work with Blendigo. It has some UV-mapping issues (I never UV-mapped before this) but I was mostly interested in the materials setup. By the way, when I tried to unwrap the dish-clothes my Blender crashes, I don’t know why, so I had to let them without texture.

Used Metropolis-Bidirectional, Physical Sky+Sun, and Aperture Diffraction. Curtain, bottle and wine are blended materials. The plant was made as a test of TreeGenerator. Render time 3h18m (around 1900 samples per pixel).

C&C welcome. Thanks.


nice! very realistic except for the very very noticiebale texture issues, i think you cannot unwrap the cloth because its a simulation? you can probably just use a tileable texture on that and make it work

Thx brados.
The cloth modifier is already applied, and a subsurf level 2 too. I’ll try to use a tilable texture as you suggest, though I’m not very sure how to do it, but I’ll eventually find out. :slight_smile:

On the original blend file I use a particle system to add some “hair” to the kiwis, does anyone know a way to use that on blendigo, or should I fake it?

You can convert your particles to a mesh object and extrude very slightly to create hairs. It’s not a great solution as it will increase your poly count dramatically, I think with a kiwi you would be better off using a bump map.
With regards to scene I think the modeling is fine but you should maybe go back and look at the texturing, the wood pattern on the window frame is most noticeable. With a bit of tweaking here and there I think you could have a very nice scene.