Still life! (update pg. 2! Again)

Hey guys! Here’s a new picture I’ve made:

It’s rendered with HDRI in Yafray and C&C are very welcomme.

the wine bottle is very well done. I somehow “see” the wine inside, but not too clearly, just awesome.
am I wrong or has the glass even some corrosion on the very top?

though the caustics look somehow strange, a superb work!

NICE WORK! :wink:

Excellent modelling and texturing.

But I think it needs to be a bit more balanced. It looks odd with the table ending straight after the wine and glass.

Also it would probably look better if you made a real background and added focalblur.

Fix up that, and you got a realistic looking still life picture, suitable for an ad for a restaurant.

Very good, but if you’re aiming for photorealism, people may tell you you used way too much DOF

This may sound like a stupid question, but how exactly did you get the win into the glass? Could I see JUST that mesh?

Thanks for your comments. Keep them comming :wink: .
I didn’t use DOF it’s just a HDRI image as background. I would like to change it but there’s two problems:
-I don’t have anything that’s nicer reight now
-I don’t know how to do without making shadows from the HDRI. (Did that make sense?)
I tried to make a wooden boarder to end the table, but it didn’t went very well. So I droped it for now. If you have some good idears about the end of the table, let me hear them.
And at last: Here’s a wire of the glass without sub-surf:
I just made the glass, took the inner vertexes, duplicated them and made the wine from that.

hmm… the last time I attempted to make fluid in a glass this way the result was that the faces overlapped and rendered incorrectly. What do you have the IOR for the glass and wine set to?

That is absolutley awesome, but I do have one quick criticism. The wine cork looks nothing like a wine cork. It looks like a piece of goldish metal. If you don’t have a cork-ish texture, get one and apply it. I LOVE this picture though. That bottle is just perfect.

That isn’t a cork. I believe its a pouring spout :slight_smile: And I agree the bottle is quite nice but its a tad too reflective IMO.

Ohhh man… :o
That is just AWESOME!!!
Great photorealistic work yet again, Kåre… :slight_smile:

I don’t have a problem with the bottle’s reflectivity, but the LABEL looks a bit too shiny…

otherwise, a beautiful render.

a beautiful render…

very nice work - near perfect photo realism - finally someone got it close enough! good job! the wine glass is especially nice although supposing i drank the wine from the glass (i don’t drink) i don’t think i would cause of the glass etchings look dirty…still that is a nice cg touch! the ringlet is the only other thing i say loose or improve! the coin in the water is a nice touch but why?! and why the glass of water too!? still no complaints from me!

Kansas - don’t you ever say anything original!?

You might have to adjust your normals.

Kare, that’s a very nice image indeed. There seems to be a problem with the wine reflection where it’s merging to a point. I don’t know if that’s the map or yafray but it looks odd. Also the ring on the table doesn’t look like metal but I suspect it might be a wooden one or something from the bottle.

The blurry background was mentioned already. If that’s how the image is, there are some free hdris online but I couldn’t find any restaurant scenes. I don’t think the blurriness is too bad because I’ve seen some photos like that.

Overall it’s very well done indeed.

At a first glance I was deeply impressed.
I love the mirror detail on the bottle, but don’t like the lable, it looks like it is welded into the glass (if that make sence) also the lable has to much reflection for paper, there is also the red thingy (don’t know the english word for it) on the top of the bottle that has same problem as the lable (weld).

It is also my oppinion that the ring object in the front has too little focus, the “virtual” :wink: camera is to close to all these objects for any of them to be difuse/blured in detail, again this is my personal preference.

Maybe some work to the background aswell…

Love all the rest.

I don’t think that is a cork, looks more like a pipe thingy :slight_smile:

wow, nice. wish i could learn to be half that good.

Thanks for the comments again guys! I think i will fix the lable when i get time and I might as well remove the diamond and ring.
Actually I don’t know why the top of the glass looks dirty, but I like it %| .
About the cork; it’s not a cork as some of you noiced. It is a pouring spout and it’s just a thin metal cirkel which you bend and and but down in the top. (I think that sounded a bit wierd)
The glass IOR is 1,51 and the wine is 1,31 and the water is 1,33.

All I can say is,
I bow down before your greatness…

As you know… its awesome - what i wouldnt mind seeing is the bottle being less reflective and as someone mentioned, a background of a park of something if possible :slight_smile:
Every picture you seem to make is absolutely top class, thnx for being such an insparation.

Kåre, very nice work - the look of it is excellent… I would only work a little on the composition of the elements… it looks like they were intentionally placed on the table instead of just randomly, or “naturally” placed there. If you do end up losing the ring and “jewel” then maybe move the wineglass so it overlaps the bottle a little, and place the shot glass closer, and perhaps add a napkin or something you’d expect to see on a cafe table. Also, you might try making the edge of the table just round off to the back side to make it look less sharp… I don’t know if this makes sense or will work… just some thots…

Also, doing some post proc work on the background to further “blur” it to remove any visible aliasing elements might help… ?

Huh? isn’t that refraction?