Still life with apple wine

Did this cycles render in Blender 2.9, followed tutorial by cgboost and added a bottle and glass of apple wine in the foreground.

Any feedback is appreciated

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Wow that wood looks really nice and the condensation on the glass looks great, Your rim lighting on the apples is a lot better than i could manage as well (Kept getting weird lighting artifacts on my cloth so i turned the rim lights down :frowning: ). Great job!
I didn’t get to see this on the CGBoots site so looks like we came to the same sort of thinking on the overall compostion too, Great minds think alike eh ? :slight_smile:

Thanks Russel! I liked that you added some cider to your scene too, it goes really well together! I created the condensation by following this great tutorial by decoded:
I’m guessing the rim lighting looks better because I switched to cycles. With eevee I was having problems with the shadows.

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