Still Life with Feather

I’ve tried to make a still life in the style of the old dutch painters. Rendered with my favorite render engine YafaRay (YafaRay 0.1.2 Beta + Blender 2.65). Although Cycles is a decent render enginge too - long live YafaRay! I also tried out LuxRender, but the handling of YafaRay (once you are familiar with the render settings) in combination with fast render times is unbeatable.

All objects are modeled by me. I hope you enjoy the picture.


Although the thought behind this scenario is eluding me. Why these objects together?

Two thumbs up! Very nice!

Beautiful setup, lighting, everything! The book impresses me, especially, the time-worn fragility of it. I caught myself squinting to read the pages. Texture me impressed. :slight_smile:

this is a great image.all the materials look very good.if i can make a suggestion can the light on wall be broken like coming through window bars or softened further.

Thank you very much for your comments.

@ @gvanhalderen:
The scene is - like other vanitas themes - an allegory for the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits. Every item has its own meaning, e. g. the hourglass symbolizes the flight of time, an empty glass represents death, games and gaming tools are symbols of greed, corruption and idleness … and so on.

veryyyyy nice :slight_smile:

Awesome! Very realistic! Really amazed at the texture of the wall especially!

Just a small suggestion - The glasses filled with the liquid look flashy new. If you can add some “used” look to it, it would add more to the antique feel of the picture.

Great, but IMHO cups are toooo clean to fit realistically in this environment. Maybe some little scratches and fingerprints.

Wow! That’s simply a piece of art … Lighting, modeling, materials and textures are impressing. What I like the most are the reflections in the big glass. Did you use a HDRI?

very nice texturing and materials, amazing details on stone.

I am a huge fan of still life! I find this picture really good! Great job!:slight_smile:


really nice. if i may make one small critique, the placement of the tip of the pipe stem against the thin vase seems too congruent.

Thanks again!

I didn’t use a HDRI background. For lighting i mainly used meshlights, whereas for reflections I built a little scenery with textured walls and wooden ceiling beams.