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Amazing stuff. Really great work with the shadows and lightning. The textures looks great to. Only crit I would have is the broom stick looks kinda off. The texture to it doesnt fit somehow.

Id say, the only thing this image still needs is a decent glow. On a sunny day, when you have a shadow like that, the bits of light that do come through seem really bright and glow. Therefore, I think the a good use of glow would make the image really realistic.

I like the last one. Find it the most realistic one. The broom stick looks like he is floating.

Really amazing. 5 stars from me. :smiley:

nice stuff,
the vkus8.jpg looks cool,

Jogai wrote:

The broom stick looks like he is floating

lol, if you look closely… also the rest of the stuff in the back,
is it a composite ? if so, you need some contact shadows.


this is gorgeous. One of the most realistically looking pictures I’ve seen in a long long time.
How did you make the plants? Modelled by hand or did you have some plant generator?
Just out of curiousness: Could you post a wireframe picture of this?



For me, you don’t seem to have enough fill light to soften up the very harsh shadows from the trees. They really are an eye sore. So dark and very sharp.

You have a very nicely set up scene and the shaders seem to really work too. Just fix up the lighting and you will have a true winner here.


Rake, its a rake, not a broom. The image is very well done, some of the shadow and light patterns make the image very confusing and cluttered. Everything else, apart from the floating RAKE is very good.

I, too, like 4 best. However, the bluish fill lighting is just a tad strong and a lil’ too blue (tho it would be somewhat blue-ish toned on a clear sky day…). Tweak that, and it’d be a winner in my book. 5*!

thx for some tips, some i fix(ed).

Plants are make over dupliverts on my made meshes. duplivert object is
leave(texture with alpha).

here is blend with these plants…

looking much better now,
still the rake could use some softer shadows,
when a surface is in contact with another there is some reflection of light in between the two. (hope this is useful)
eg: see the image


thx for picture.