"Still Life"

Hi friends, here is my try at cg art with blender.


very cool, what does the middle piece mean?

The texturing looks really nice, but the modeling is a bit simple. Kind of leaves me wanting a bit more. Not really sure what the piece is trying to say, what does the gear mean exactly? :slight_smile:

I like the phrase that “art and love could not be explained”
Here some update about frame. The inside space is modelling.


A few points:

  • Watch the exposure very carefully. Right now, especially in the second shot, you have “student murk” going on. You can’t hide anything in shadows. Any area that is either under-lit or over-lit is a problem. In my view, the first frame is much better than the second.
  • There is a curious lack of texture on the gear. I don’t see any reflective highlights even though the surface looks like it is supposed to be “rough.” There is also no variation in the specularity, even though it looks like it’s supposed to be well-rusted. Likewise, the four straps that hold the frame in place could just as easily be ribbons. Because there is no rim-light definition of the gear, it threatens to be seen as two-dimensional, in a way that “comes and goes” in a disconcerting fashion.
  • Generally, there is a sense of “clean, polished grunge,” which of course is impossible. If a metal strap is really made of sheet steel, it has a perceptible texture. A well-rusted gear isn’t smooth. The specularity of a piece of wood varies inch-by-inch along its length.

Thanks for your posts. They are really important to me.

Here is some update …


At now I’m working about new bottle shape and new surrealistic background.

Here is some background update:


ooo that looks cool! 2d image coming out to 3d world