Still life

here is my last work :slight_smile:

Blender, Cycles :slight_smile:

Nice job, G_Taurus. The mix of robot and insect on your robot is interesting and the whole render looks like a photo of a collectible that is standing on a board.

I have some small suggestions, though. At the moment the robot and the alarm clock are literally fighting. It looks as if he robot would shoot at the clock and the clock has so much room in your image. Perhaps it would be better to focus more on the robot and to give him more room.

Colorwise the whole image has a quite strong red tint, at least on my monitor, which makes it look unnatural. And the contrast is much to strong in my opinion. The dark areas are only black and have lost all grain.

Despite my suggestions this is a good job and I would love to see some other perspectives. :slight_smile: