Still life

Hy guys
Here my las 3d render in Blender
Some models are photoscanned, other modeled in Blender
Shader and light with Blender

Here a quick tutorial/breakdown of the scene

Ao pass

Ao pass

Wooow! Cool! All is original! Exact 5stars*****

Impressive! such a delicate and subtle atmosphere.
THX for the tips!

tnx a lot guys

Wow, really good atmosphere. I like the composition. And great tutorial as well!

tnx a lot RemTou

I have some opinions. The glow is a bit too strong. Food seems to be out of place on that drawer, at least the bread seems on the wrong place. The glass looks very modern compared to the era the render depict.

The orange is making the piece. While everything looks old and broken the freshness of the orange really contrasts it perfectly.