still puzzled

i have been trying to get an object to follow a path and keep getting just really weird results. attaching the file and asking for help
6a.blend (512 KB)

You’ve got some odd parenting, unapplied scale and a tentacle that is doing the drunkards walk.

  1. Select you tentacle, alt p (remove the parent)
    1a) ctrl - A ‘scale’ (apply the scale)
  2. Select your armature, alt p
  3. Move you tentacle to the center, a) snap cursor to center, then b) select tentacle and snap selected to cursor.
  4. Move the armature to the center same way. Edit mode on the armature and line it up with the tentacle
  5. In object mode, select the tentacle, and hold shift and select the armature, ctrl-P,choose ‘automatic weights’ You can now pose/deform the tentacle
  6. Select the armature and add a contraint (the chain icon) in properties. Choose, ‘follow path’ and select your curve.
  7. The tentacle now follows the path and can be keyframed to deform using the armature.

I keyframeD frame 1, all bones for default position, and about frame 20ish I curled them all in and keyframed that. So for the first second or so it is curling inward while following the path.

Good luck, and here’s your blend, but try and fix the one you have.

6a-mod.blend (525 KB)

thanx. i appreciate it

so. i got the adjustments done and what i was trying to accomplish works. now, i am having a real problem with making the object hold its rotations through key framing around the path. i keyframe the starting position, move the object along the path and reposition the armature and then keyframe that. but when i take it back to frame 1, the armature doesn’t go back to the original position. it stays at the second keyframe position. i have key framed the armature by itself, i have key framed both the object and armature. i have tried to use shape keys, i have tried using the pose library. i have tried everything i know (which is not all that much, at this point). i have looked for help through tutorials all over the internet. can somebody help me?

okay, never mind. i finally figured it out, and oh boy are we having fun now

Good to hear, if you get something working half way well think about starting a WIP (Work in progress) thread.