Stingray - drone concept

A concept of drone , rendered in cycles ,500 samples which took 7 hours to render on my core2duo:(
i wanted my artwork on the top gallery of this page so i did lot of detailing in this:yes:.
critiques are welcome.

The next renders took 3hours 400 samples each

Good work! Maybe you’re desire for detail went a little too far because the composition of the image is a little messy right now. There’s so much happening that I don’t know where to focus. Maybe unify the overall colors a bit or post proc a common tint? The curb texture could use a deeper bump, and there’s something about the pillar brick texture that makes it look that like it doesn’t really belong there?
I’d say also put some blur on the smoke streaks from the bullet impact cause now they look low-res.
THAT BEING SAID… haha that’s alot of critique sorry, otherwise it’s a beautiful model, the bottom two renders look gorgeous! :slight_smile:

Thanks, i’ll try keeping it simple next time.
And smoke is low res coz my pc is not quite powerful to handle hi res texture for smoke.

Does the brick wall have displacement modifier?

Yup. .

The drone looks cool, I especially like that volumetric effects on the headlights. Now criticism: first, all props spin the same way as we can see from blades curvature. Theoretically possible, but definitely worst config for a tricopter. Usually two forward props spin in the opposite directions to offset each others momentum. Second, something strange happens with targeting(?) lasers several inches from the body, like they suddenly enter a “blur box”.

That is not volumetric ,i created a conical object with a emission shader mixed with transparent shader by layer weight facing factor