Stitch/merge/join parts for animation

Hey! I’m new to blender, been rigging all day. But I ran into a problem:

My character has multiple parts (210 OF THEM!!!). With “cuts” around the neck, wrists and thighs. Good thing is that the body only is a few separated parts. The polygons line up perfectly. When I animate my character this separated meshes cause me problems. I tried select them all and CTRL+J to join. But the separations is still visible when animating.

I’d like to join some of them (especial body parts) so that animations will look better. I’d like to know:

  • Is there an easy way? or do I have to manually stitch parts together?
  • If i join parts with “CTRL+J”, will there be a problems later on, when animating face expressions, eyes, etc. For example rotating the eyes.

“remove doubles” was what I looking for. Yey!