STL File Import Problem

Hi I’m trying to import .stl file. But I got the mesh only single object.
I opened the stl file with freecad and export obj format but nothing changed.

Please help me!

STL files do not have material and texture file like OBJ.
Where did you get the model?
Maybe its available in a different format that contains the color info like FBX or DAE?

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The problem is not materials. When I open the 3d model with Freecad I can see the different part of owen. But when I import it with blender I got just single mesh.

I need those part to animate them.

I want to switch my works Cinema 4d to Blender but the Blender don’t help me :slight_smile:

seperated object

If you can see the parts in Freecad, then why not save out of Freecad to OBJ and pick separate objects by Objects or objects by Group, in the export options?

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