STL for 3D Printing

Hey all!

Okay, here’s my problem. I just learned the basics of blender. I completed my model and checked to see if there were any non-manifold meshes. Everything’s good. However, it will not load into my program to 3d print it. It says it is not manifold and that there are holes. Please take a look and let me know what’s going wrong!

Organizer.blend (560 KB)

It most likely needs a single non-manifold mesh object.

not certain but you have multiple objects there

i think you need to join everything and make one closed object
but you 'll then have to clean up make nice joints and remove doubles and inside faces

then i guess it should work fine


Have you checked out any tutorials? Like this one:

For a model to be correct for 3D printing, there are 3 major rules;
1:Has to be manifold,
2. Normals have to be oriented correctly,
3. A well defined surface area. That is the fail reason. As was mentioned above, the several objects need boolean Unionized, lol.

Here, you can upload a stl and the site with perform all the necessary boolean ops to turn your model into 1 mesh, plus some repairs, netfabb Cloud Service - Beta

Another site with some good tuts on prepping a model for 3D printing, and a good user forum is here, Shapeways | Forum: Welcome to the forum

This works for uploading


Organizer.blend (524 KB)