stone age tool displacement texture

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to make some objects look like they are made from chipped stone like in the stone age.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

I’d like to create a surface like this with a displacement modifier… but then I need to find the right kind of texture… Closest I found so far is the ocean displacement, but it’s not quite right.

How would you do it?

may be with mix of voronoi + Multigra Text

and add over some displacement modifier !

happy cl

this is REALLY difficult to do with procedurally generated textures, at least if you want it to look good. you can use voroni to get a base, but after that id actually look into sculpting it and then doing a retopo.

you can also sculpt on a square, and create alphas from geometry.

it is with deep texture
so hard to do with textures alone
might have to sculpt a portion of it for general shape
then add other text

I can get some Voronoi with micro displacement
but even that is not enough

happy cl

Thanks guys,

I’m still trying to make this work… and yea it’s pretty hard.

Sadly I’m not looking for a rendered but a 3D printed end result (I hope I can share the end results).

Perhaps I will do something like a sculpt on a surface and render a depth map from that… or normal…