Stone Building

i am making a stone building and i was wondering if anyone had a good method of texturing the stones but other then that i would like to know what people think so far


Looks good, not sure what’s a good way of texturing, but I guess just get a stone texture and uv map it, but Im sure you know that already… Btw, did you model this brick by brick?

yeah its brick by brick but it only took about 3 hours and it gives a much better look to it

Get rid of that “blue screen of death” blue, use a sky HDRI image, or just white.
For texturing that you can just use just orco mapping and this gimp tutorial for the texture, if you’d like to make it by image, if you’d like to make it procedural you can experiment with cloud textures, which may not give you a much better result.

thanks ill give it a go and when i have finished ill post the result up on here

I like it very much, probably because it reminds me of the looks of one of the first 3D first person shooters ever. (The one that probably started a love for 3D games that would later spawn an obsession with 3D modeling.) :smiley:

okay well i havent working on this for a while but i started again, i am starting to make the street and other things, because i am much better in my 2d work i will make the backgrounds in flash and then drop them in so the sky and distant building will look like they are models.

what do you think?? it still needs work on the textures and the lighting but its a start


are you going to uv map each stone block ?

there is already a script to make wall stones
which is very fast - called massonery
check it out in script section of wiki

now this won’t do all the rounded or other strange shapes stone
but for straight wall with doors or window it’s a great little script
but you still need to texture the stones

happy blendering


I think that as far as the lighting goes, you need to work on making it look more like the light is coming from the lamp. I would think the lamp would be brighter at its core to show light is coming from it.

Happy New Year.

Why so? He already modelled them one by one, all he needs now is some procedural textures.