Stone Floor (Best way?)

Hi everyone!

Recently I have been focused in a great project and now I need to create the texture for the scene. Well, the first thing I need to do is texturing the stone floor, but is a kind of seamless stone floor, kinda difficult. I know that there are a lot ways to recreate that but I dont know what is the best way.


  • Using a seamless stone floor texture from google (worst option)
  • create every stone and give them a proper material

This is the reference image

This is one of the pictures that I could use:

And this picture is the scene:

Waiting for your comments :slight_smile:

Here is a tileable image of the stones you posted, take a look at the this tutorial for giving them relaistic displacement and bump.

Tiled screenshot

Nice! but I believe that the image texture that I have posted before is not large enough for my floor. Anyway I am creating every single stone, gonna create a very interesting result; see xD

I suggest you to make a material as you would normally do in cycles, so color, normal and specular maps, then make a little square with that material and a Displacement modifier , using of course the displacement map from the image texture. you can use NJob or Crazy bump to make all these type of textures.

Quick example:

Tell me if you need more help! :slight_smile:

Thanks all of you for the comments… This is what I have

Anyway I have found thistutorial :slight_smile: