Stone throne

Hello everyone!

I present to you a render that I did for a challenge of the “Blender Hoy” community. I hope you like it and I accept suggestions.



This is a great prop. I initially thought it would be boring, but the level of detail is quite astonishing. It would a great backdrop for an epic story.

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My first impression is that it is bland. The lightning is not realistic because you have AO enabled or something. To much empty space. You should crop it.

I tried to experiment a bit with your image to make it pop a bit:

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Hello again, I made some changes following the advice of “bigbad” and the truth is that it improved a lot, I did not realize so much overexposure and a lot of saturation because I think it takes realism and, I have reached a mid point. And I also adjusted the size of the image.

Thanks for the suggestions!