Stoneders Island - Smokers approach!

Hello everyone,

I’ll make this topic as short as possible because I know most of you don’t like reading.
I do warn you in the beginning that the main topic of this project is marijuanna. If you are strongly against smoking marijuana, please do not spam this topic but just click away. Thanks.


I live in Holland… and here we have the blessing that marijuana is legal. I myself am a lover of the green. For the last 3 months I’ve been smoking weed and while doing so making sketches for my new project: stoneders island. (We haven’t stopped working on our wizzardz game but this is just a 2nd project to prevent getting bored working on it)

The game

The game takes place on an island called stoneder island.
Here’s a quic sketch of the island (sketched stoned, don’t judge my abilities).

Image: Stoneders island (in the shape of a weed leave)

The main idea is that your character lives in a normal, and boring city as a normal person. Until… he discoveres marijuana…

Once your character has smoked the green, the island will tun into once spacing adventure. Some examples:

  • Trippy colors
  • Mushrooms turn into giant mushrooms like in the header image here
  • Stoneder world is ruled by mushrooms
  • New places are born like uniecorn valley, stoneders castle, mushroom cave etc.

There are different kind of stoneder levels. When you smoke more weed the level increases and more different areas are accesable.


There are way more ideas in my mind and on my sketches… but since this game is mostly about explorering I’m only pass on the rest of the ideas to trustworthy team members.

If you want to join this project please leave a message at the buttom of this page and I’ll contact you as soon as possible with a pm. (Since we need make the island almost 2 times (sober and stoned) I need a lot of modellers).

I don’t know about my team members from last project, but if they want to join I might make this game multiplayer online. (yes we managed to do this before. Check the wizzardz project).

Please leave me some positive or negative comments!



I am afraid I can only leave negative comments. This is by far the worst game idea I’ve seen yet.

I’m with fayt. Horrible game idea. And also, legal or illegal, marijuanna is still EXTREMELY bad for you. And I definitely DO NOT want to participate in a game that encourages smoking.

I am with fayt and Sonic14 on the fact that this may be a bad idea for a video game, and attract few viewers. But I myself would like to say that I’m a proud marijuana activist as well and Sonic14 has no idea what he’s talking about. There are little to no health concerns that have been discovered after decades of research. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on if it is morally okay, but the fact is that it is simply harmless to your body. Take it from an active athlete and student who has used on a day-to-day basis for many years and felt absolutely zero health, nor mental concerns.

I completely understand what you are trying to do! I’ve thought about this many times. But you are taking the wrong approach my friend. People would find your game as a in-your-face ‘do drugs’ message. Think about Alice in Wonderland. No drug references were used (besides the Caterpillar smoking hookah) in the entire book/movie. My point being, people don’t see it as a ‘high’ movie because of the meaning, but because of the lack of meaning and artistic view of everything. If you want to make a game that catches a stoner’s attention, do not use drug references. Instead, use vibrant colors, odd shapes, extreme illusions, twisted plots and concepts that make your mind strain, and pay special attention to music and sound effects. THESE are the things that will catch someones attention if under the influence.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:
The famous Adult Swim series Superjail HERE
This one is a little disturbing, but incredibly interesting HERE

If you make adjustments to this project I would be pretty stoked to join in!

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Your idea is so awesome man. How come none of the big studios thought of such brilliant ideas? Ignore all the critics: they’re just jealous of your wisdom.

Well you all defenitly haven´t tried it and are scared by propeganda.
This game idea is for weed-loving people aged 18/25.
I already got 20 people here in holland itching to play it.

What you probably all don’t know is that alcohol is a hard drug and weed just a soft drug way less dangerous for you.

Wow you posted as I was typing.
Thanks for your support. ^^

Thank you very much for your message!

If you think those vids are trippin you should check this one out haha:

But anyway, I don’t really understand why the topic of the island shouldn’t be doing drugs. I understand a lot of people are against this game but I don’t understand why smokers wouldnt like a game about smoking. xD

But thanks a lot for your message. I’ll redo the planning. ^^


@blubernuget You say that you smoke everyday? You have lost your mind.

Smoking has never done anything good. All it has really done was just give you lung cancer. You smokers need to wake up and breathe in some fresh air. I understand smoking is a habit and people can’t stop doing it once they start (some of the time, anyway), but you smokers aren’t even making an effort to quit, better yet, you’re actually trying to tell people smoking is GOOD for you. Not cool, guys.

While I’m at it, I will just say that can’t wait until all the cigarette companies go out of business. And you know what? I bet the reason they will go out of business is because the owners died of some lung disease/cancer from smoking. I DON’T smoke. I NEVER will smoke. And one last thing. SMOKERS ARE JOKERS.

I’m amazed at the level of ignorance when it comes to something studied for so many years. Most people who make negative claims are the most uninformed. The sites that make the silly “bad for you” claims are usually motivated more by money or religious hangups.
As for being bad for you, it’s been shown just recently the use can stimulate brain cell growth. Get your research from neutral sources, not biased naysayers. I don’t smoke, but I have no problem with people who do. You can bet that more people are killed by alcohol and texting on cell phones than any smoker.
I can say the game idea sounds a bit out there though.

Smoke inside of your body is harmful, it depletes your organs, and blackens your lungs. Just that alone has long term side effects.

HOWEVER just drop the arguing. We can clearly see who is a pothead and who isn’t on this forum. Now I know who to help and be friends with, and who to ignore and not help out.

Wow. You are being ,
See ya…

@gamemaster: I would love to help you with this project bro. I model, texture, rig, animate. And I have an eye for the high if you know what I mean:P That was a cool video!

@Sonic14: You are being extremely ignorant. I am not out of my mind because marijuana does not put you out of your mind. It is nothing like being drunk, or even other drugs. It’s a feeling of euphoria. You become relaxed, friendly, and it does not effect your day-to-day activities. The only negative side of a high is the come down, which is simply being tired. This effect only lasts up to an hour. Caffeine has the same ‘crashing’ effect, and alcohol gives you a hangover which is FAR worse.

@fayt: You’re basing your information on a ‘Above the Influence’ website? Maybe I’ll post a link to a marijuana-supporting biased website to counter yours! Sarcasm… Instead of using biased websites, try using neutral factual records of scientific observations. Not one human being has ever died from smoking weed. You have to smoke your own body weight in a matter of hours to die (160 pounds of weed is A LOT if you didn’t know). You would have better chances killing yourself with cheeseburgers. I suggest you stop posting in this forum if you do not plan on being involved. In fact, you shouldn’t have posted in the first place. I quote the member who started this thread “I do warn you in the beginning that the main topic of this project is marijuanna. If you are strongly against smoking marijuana, please do not spam this topic but just click away. Thanks.”

@blubernuget Fine, if you want to be that way, then fine. But don’t come crying to me whenever your lungs fail ;). And because you reminded me that the one who started this thread said “I do warn you in the beginning that the main topic of this project is marijuanna. If you are strongly against smoking marijuana, please do not spam this topic but just click away. Thanks.” I will, from now on, stop posting here. But I think I will stick around just to see how fast this project crashes and burns ;).

Also, You and everyone else know that smoking is just as bad (if not worse). And don’t just sit there and say that smoking doesn’t harm you. The smoke fills up in your lungs and pollutes the air.

Stay on point … before the mods fall on you.

I apologize for not making my sarcasm clear. I’m not at all supporting your game. Sorry, but that’s
not the kind of game I would support.

I think it’s a great idea for a game, sure to be a cult hit! Controversy is great advertsing! :wink:

(BTW all that “marijuana = schizophrenia” claptrap is usually based on studies involving student sample groups of 50 or - hardly a statistical cross-section - and is no doubt “coloured” by conservative scientists with an agenda. The benefits of cannabis are huge and all this systematical “demonization” is criminal. Also as artists we shouldn’t ignore the glorious creative inspiration that marijuana provides - as well as mental/physiological health benefits. OK, end of rant!)

Lets all quit the discussion if mariujana is bad for you or not.
People who like so smoke weed enjoy and the rest shut up. :wink:

Anyway, nice blubernuget. I can already see your my hero haha.
I’ll email you the planning when it’s finished.
But I need to think it over if I wanna take the weed out.
I’ll pm you later.

Btw majawe6 thanks for your support. I think I can easily promote this game in coffeeshops here. ^^

i wouldn’t be surprised this project fails, in fact i expect it to fail.