Stop all the 2.5 a0 threads!!!!

I could see why you’d think that. However, just think of all the all the general help questions posted in the news section and you’ll see that it really wont make much a difference. :no:

theeth : the new ui font is not a missing feature… i don’t complain about missing feature because i don’t care about it for a beta-0, but this new font design make the whole app untestable for me… the panels content is painfull to read.

Perhaps few people complain about it because the new UI is so hip ! so fancy ! waoo cool icons and clolums for menus ( this new concept make the horizontal header totaly irrelevant)…

It’s the same for gnome or KDE, developers claims that antialiased font are a must-have , but it’s wrong. Once again, you can’t work 10 hours a day with such a design…

I think these kind of questions should come first… before having to buy glasses.

And for those who think de new UI looks closed but better thant MODO or XSI, look at their panels…they are readable…

Perhaps if you…

  • Didn’t hijack other threads
  • Didn’t demand action from the devs
  • Didn’t threaten to spam the forum
  • Made a rational argument in favor of your plan instead of ‘but it’s wrong’

you might get a more positive response to your feature request.

Uncle Entity : it’s not a feature request

i’m working with Blender since 1999, sometime 50 hours a week or more, and always, always with great pleasure. I spent days and days to support this app, giving a lot, to promote it… saying “the original UI font was great, give us back”, is not a feature request.

Have you tried searching through the old blender files and seeing if you can simply import it?

It don’t use the default font myself, so I know the option to change it exists.

theeth : unless i propose you some pills to enlage your penis, it would be unfair to delete my posts…

I am in Ubuntu 64bits and I read the font perfectly.

Thanks to vainqueur for starting a new thread about fonts in blender 2.5

Why be offended? The the believers are supposed to be very tolerant and humble? And is god not infinitely great enough to defend oneself all alone… ???

I kind of suspect it has more to do with having three different 2.5 threads on the first page than anything else.

I just counted twelve! surely it must stop!

@raphael… you’re spamming just as bad as a penis add!

Michael W : well, let’s have a vote on that, and start a new thread

No, lets not.

The moderators and administrators decide what constitutes spam here. What you’re doing, highjacking threads for your own purpose, is part of it. You already started one thread on that topic as well as posting about it in other threads where it is somewhat relevant. Keep it out of threads where it isn’t.

Subject closed.


Raphael, Why don’t you just start your own thread about the fonts legibility, rather than jump on other threads which have nothing to do with that subject.

There is a very simple answer to your problem. Continue using 2.49b until the changes have been incorporated into one of the beta releases that allow you to modify and save the interface with your own colour/font.


The moderators and administrators decide what constitutes spam here.

That’s kind of funny to me, considering a past experience (that was quietly swept under the rug). But, I won’t go there.

Wow. I start a thread about not starting more threads, and already going on the second page we have a discussion about fonts in 2.5, religion and penis enlargement. A new record?

Haha, that’s funny!

I agree about not starting one thread per feature one person can not find. Ask in irc or in a relevant existing thread. There is actually now a thread about fonts.

edit: make that two threads :confused:

people, people, people,

don’t we all have something usefull to do?

So get to it …

This thread should be locked because it is pointless. Now one is forcing you to read threads about the problems people have with 2.5.

People have problems and should be allowed to talk about it. Not sure why the OP feels like censoring people. Rather come up with some useful suggestions like formalising an area where people can talk about these things.

So please no more threads about threads about telling people not to talk about 2.5 interface problems. Keep it polite or keep it to yourself.

…you just started a thread yourself.

although I agree.