stop child object from rotating help

how can i stop child object from rotating when parent object rotates.
like all i want is the child object to follow location of parent object and not rotation.

Use vertex parenting

uncheck inherit rotation checkbox under parenting options in armature bone relations panel

@smalltroll he mentioned its an object not a bone.

I would suggest instead of doing your normal parenting, use the ‘copy location’ constraint

oh yeah, sorry my bad.

i did the vertex parenting but the camera still rotates to where the char is facing.
i also did the constraint but that didnt work in the game engine when i press p.

I forgot to tell, you need single vertex parenting.

You can look into the file of this topic: Camera relative alignment/movement. It uses vertex parenting too.

idk that file was kind of a mess it didnt really help me.
what you did was parent an empty to a center vertex from the main mesh, then an empty to that empty, then that empty to the camera?