Stop Motion OBJ (OBJ, STL, PLY sequence importer) - v2.1.1

Ah, ok. Not every application supports OBJ vertex colors. Unfortunately, I think Blender might be one of those. Stop Motion OBJ just uses the built-in file importers, so I have no control over that. If you’re able to convert your OBJ files to PLY, I know that Blender supports vertex colors in PLY files. This link might be helpful:

Thank you very much for the answer…

I love the tool! Unfortunately I’ve found a bug importing PLY files. Basically the OBJ import works in 2.8, but PLY import does not. I created an issue with Github with the error I get in my console.

Hi Ben, thanks for reporting this bug. I created a fix for it and updated the 2.80 branch.

Stop Motion OBJ for Blender 2.80 was just released!

Grab the latest release (v2.0.0) here:

New features:

  • Support for Blender 2.80
  • Reload a mesh sequence from disk (so you don’t have to create a new sequence from scratch)
  • File numbers no longer need to be zero-padded; they’re sorted in alphanumeric (natural) order
  • You no longer have to un-check Relative Path when importing.

Just tried it on a sequence of pretty big meshes which houdini had some issues with, works like a charm! Thanks for all your work on this, this addon can really save my day. :slight_smile:

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Hello all. I’m developing a new feature and I’m looking for a few people to test it out and provide some feedback. It’s going to be a new way to control the playback of your mesh sequence.

Message me if you’re interested.

Thank you for the add-on! Blender noob here. I am looking to export an animation of STL files to sketchfab. Sketchfab Animation currently supports FBX, Blender (.blend), Alembic (.abc), glTF, and Mimesys Q3D formats. What is the workflow and export file type would be best suited to do this? I tried to export the mesh sequence as .fbx to sketchfab, but it didn’t show up as an animation. Looking for advice :slight_smile:

Do you have the stl files as a bunch of separated objects in your file?

I doubt that your question is related to this add-on. If you are trying to export your animation to another entity, try fbx or alembic. If sketchfab supports mesh cache formats like .mdd or .pc, you can try those as well. Blender supports those exporters. See your addons to enable them.

My question doesn’t necessarily pertain to the add-on, but on how to get the running animation to export properly since it is a sequence of stl files. I added the STLs using mesh sequence add-on, baked it and I can see the running animation on blender. When I export it as .blender or .abc to sketchfab, I see all the STLs stacked on one another. Not running as an animation.

What does it look like if you reimport the abc to Blender?

When I reimport into blender, it looks like what is happening to sketchfab. All stl models are stacked and static without animation…Any advice?:sweat:

Hi Alex,

FBX and Alembic exports are not currently possible through Stop Motion OBJ. And it’s not because of lack of interest. In fact, this is the most highly-requested feature. Unfortunately, there’s a limitation in the current FBX exporter that makes it impossible at the moment. Blender’s FBX exporter only supports Linear interpolation of keyframes. For this to work with Stop Motion OBJ, we’d need to see the addition of Constant interpolation (you might try submitting a feature request to the Blender developers?). Also, there’s some weirdness when going from a 24fps sequence to 60fps playback in other software. I’ve also tried very hard to get Alembic exports working, with no luck. I think it’s a similar issue but I’m not sure.

A minor update to the addon. Previously, if you had an object sequence with multiple materials assigned to it, as soon as you go to the next frame, all but the first material would disappear. I’ve fixed that bug.

Grab the latest release (v2.0.1) here:

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Hello, and thank you for creating this add-on!

I’m testing it with just 25 frames; so 25 .obj, .mtl and .png files, all named the same prefix and with corresponding increasing numbers, eg. Frame-001.png Frame-001.mtl Frame-001.obj etc. I’m selecting the “Material per Frame” checkbox, but the animated model has no materials at all.

Wondering if I’m missing something? Hope you can help!

Hi Blows, thanks for trying out the addon.

Which version of the addon have you installed? This was an issue that was fixed in v2.0.1.
If you have 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 installed, would you be willing to share 2 or 3 of the frames from your OBJ sequence so I can debug on my end?

Thanks for your reply! I installed 2.0.2 today, and am happy to share some frames, what’s the best way to share them with you?

I’ll send you a DM

Another minor update to the script. In v2.0.2, you can now install the add-on the Blender way. No more unzipping and copying files to the right folder. Now, to install, you can download the project as a .zip file and install it in Blender via Edit > Preferences > Install…

Go grab the latest release (v2.0.2) here:

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