stopping things from being shinny

i am trying to make a land scape kinda of scene and i have made a rough model of what my ground weill belike. but with the lamp that i have in the scene the ground is “shinny” how do i make it so that this area will no reflect light at all? or atleast adjust the amount

Ok, first make sure that Raytracing is turned off in the material settings. Alough I don’t think u turned on raytracing to make this landscape. U may want to just try turing down the Specularity. Otherwise, I don’t know. :wink:

Yeah, just mess around with the Spec and Hard settings in the Material Buttons (under the Shading tab).
Decreasing Spec will make the “shininess” less intense, while decreasing Hard will make it more “spread out.”

If you want a real dull surface then turn the specularity and hardness all the way down, otherwise there’s going to be some specularity.