Store and recall keyframe (sets)?

I’m getting ready to do some animating on a complicated scene and I’m trying to find ways to speed up the process. One way that could really help with that (next to creating keying sets) would be to store a few preset animated keys. Is this possible?

For example. I have several objects that I need to move around in a scene. I can keyframe them in a certain position at frame 1. But at frame 50 or 150, etc. I might need them again in the exact same position.

Would it be possible to store and recall keyframes? So, without the need of copy/past since the complexity of the scene and amount of frames will make this extremely difficult.

Hopefully someone can help out with this.

Maybe create the actions you want (even idle object) and use them whenever you want in the NLA?

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You can do this with the pose library. In pose mode, in the Pose context (green stick man) , and the Pose library menu expanded, with all the bones you want incldued in the pose selected (and posed) hit shift-L and a new pose is created. you can rename it in the panel if you want. now make a new pose, and hit shift L again ( add new) now that you have more than one you can hit Ctrl L and use scroll wheel to cycle through the various poses, and then you can keyframe them if you want.

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Have you considered using an armature? Parenting objects to bones (or any of the other binding options) isn’t feasible in every situation, but has some really neat advantages. Easy ctrl+c/v pose copy/pasting, pose library usage, simple proxy replacement, extra pivot points and other bone-parenting tricks… or just generally condolidating keyframes into one object.

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I will give them all a try and see if I can get it to work. I’m new to the whole rigging thing and run in to a lot of problems while following tutorials. I did everything the same, yet different outcomes. But the pose library sounds perfect.

The NLA thing Moonboots mentioned is something I’m checking out now.
Thank you all for the replies and help so far!