Storefront Church

So, I’ve come to realized I really enjoy modeling churches, and as such I thought I ought to come up with a design for my own house or worship. Probably won’t get built, but a good excercise, right? Anyway, it’s a small inner city church in storefront space that is currently rather unattractive and poorly setup. My idea is to make the room a bit smaller to create a storage room, but reorient the room from the long wall to the short wall for a more efficient use of space. Also, add central HVAC and some practical cabinets to make a countertop for those all important potlucks! As we can’t do anything to the exterior, I didn’t bother with it. The one thing I’m not satisfied with are the lighting fixtures - what’s here is a dome light based on the cheapest thing available from Home Depot and the Holjes pendant lamp from Ikea. I had a file with a Moorish/Spanish Colonial cylinder pendant I did for another model, but I didn’t think it fit in the design and then the file got corrupted and had to start over from scratch. Does anyone have any bright ideas (pun intended) for lighting fixtures here? Thanks! edit - the drum kit is from Blend Swap, created by Cephei

Lower end finishing:

Higher end finishing:

The current situation. The black curtain is about where the new rear wall would go: