Stormtrooper helmet

(jkrzes) #1


I wanted to work on my hard surface modeling skills with subdivision modifier and texturing. I decided to model a stormtrooper helmet as I am a huge fan of Star Wars. Model was created in Blender and texturing was done in Substance Painter. This was my first attempt with PBR texturing. I would like to hear some feedback about the model and texturing. My goal is to become a professional modeler and one day get a job in the game industry so any advice would be appreciated.


(Katanius) #2

Great work, solid modeling. Only two points about the texturing. First it is too glossy, it looks almost as if its been sprayed with a gloss varnish. Second the weathering on the helmet reminds weathered paint on a metallic surface. Stormtrooper helmets are supposedly made of plastoid which to my understanding is some kind of reinforced plastic. So the weathering you’d expect to see would be more like worn plastic than worn painted metal. Other than that great work even for first try.

(Åsmund) #3

The modeling is great, I agree with the glossyness. Also, the helmets have abit brighter white color.

(peter18) #4

Very nice! I like the wear and tear the helmet has. Maybe tone the gloss down just a little.

(Macser) #5

Looks like the real deal. Modeling is solid. I’d agree about the gloss. It has a “glassy” effect. Which is probably heightened by the wear and tear. It’s not that the weathering is badly done. It’s that maybe it doesn’t quite fit with the subject. Not that much of it at least. But it’s still a great piece. :slight_smile:

(jkrzes) #6

Thanks for feedback. Yeah I will work on the glossiness. I used the brighest white I could. I think that the lighting makes the feeling of the darker tone. Or maybe it is because the material itself is wrong. I need to figure it out.

(jkrzes) #7

Thank you for your opinion. I had the feeling that the material is not correct but I had not idea what it supposed to be. I tried to make it just looking good enough. Now that you mentioned the reinforced plastic I think it is the right one. I looked at my references and I agree with you about the glossiness. It is a bit too high. I will try to improve the material while working with other armor pieces. Thank you for you feeback.

(jkrzes) #8

Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. I agree with your point about glossines. Thanks for feedback

(Emil Assarsson) #9

When you place a scratch or other mark you should be able to tell a story about it. This looks like it is a casted metal toy that have been in a sandbox for years. The edge were feels like it have been done with a very fine sandpaper that have thinned out the paint very evenly. But even then I would have a hard time explaining the wear on the concave surfaces. This is most prominent below the eyes and right above the black band. It also seems like you have used a direct x normal map where it should be a opengl normal map (scratches seems to go outwards). The vents on the sides of the helmet seems flat. You can just adjust the height and make the lines completely black and use full roughness. I think that it would be better to separate the different materials from each other on the mesh where there should be sharp differences. The band of the helmet has a too sharp edge to catch any light.

You can remove a lot of geometry and still keep the shape. Did you bake from a highpoly? I can not really see much from the images so if you need more critique you need to show the texture maps, the highpoly and the lowpoly. Maybe upload it to sketchfab?

If I seem a bit rough on you it’s because I have done all the same misstakes :wink: Take you time when you are texturing and dont let go until you can feel the material is what you want it to be. And ALLWAYS use references. It just takes to long time to fiddle around and attempt to reach for an undefined target. I still keep doing that…

It’s nice to see that your model is organic and smooth :slight_smile: