Stormtrooper Scout Model (Need Cleaning :S)

I just had a sudden urge to make a starwars game revolving around a Storm trooper scouter/sniper/Assasin and the model I made has some bugs that I dont know how to fix. If someone could clean up the model for me it would be fantastic! If they could also tell me what was wrong so I wouldn’t have to bug you busy people to help a noob like me :D.


Thanks so much :smiley:

for all those who want to know:
I am aiming to include toggleable 1st person to 3rd person views

a fully functioning sniper that along the way players will be able to increase skills upon such as extra zooms, and a reduce in wobble( steady hand)

Some kind of signature weapon that is small and can be concealed (im thinking Light-ButterKnife) Dx

Simple Guard NPC’s that will take you down if you are noticed. (Like if you walk right infront of them or are noisy

Lots of running away and concealing yourself.

its a bit complex for my level but I have a long attention span and too much free time.

Thanks for all the help.

I would like to see a picture prior to downloading this file… if it’s not too much to ask… :B

Learn Python and the BGE library.
In edit mode with all faces selected hit ctrl-N

Thanks so much ;D