Story driven game

Would it be possible to create a game with a fair bit of story? cut scenes and the like incorperated? dialog boxes? because i haven’t really seen anything of this sort around,


Simply… Yes you can. There are many ways of doing this. For dialog boxes you could do overlay scenes. For cut scenes you could use a prerendered movie, or make a scene just for the movie.

Hope this helps

hmm yer it helps a bit, what about text boxes similar to Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of time, easy to implement or not?

More or less. Although you cant have text appearing like a typewriter (It starts with the first letter and the next appears, then the next, ect.)

You have the main scene running. You walk up to someone and press the activate button. The main scene pauses, and an other scene plays over it.

The overlay scene has only the dialog boxes, and text appears when you click the right text. Then when you are done, the main scene unpauses and the overlay scene is deleted.

There are other ways to do this, but this is how I did it in Contact Revolutions (My close to finished game)

Personally, I think story driven games are the best types of games.

Anyway, it is possible to have story in a blender game. You can do it a few different ways:

1) Generate a text box by using some type of scene overlay method.
2) In real-time, you could animate your characters, objects, and camera using ipo.
3) Render your cut-scenes into a video and then play back the video using the video texture player.

because i haven’t really seen anything of this sort around,
Most non-commercial games do not contain a story due to the fact that rendering story is a great deal of work (almost as much as making the game itself), and these types of games usually consume a large amount of disk space.

I wish I could be that clear! :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t have to read you post 3 times to understand it.:no:

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ok thanks all, so i really just have to put more time and effort in? theres nothing really that complicated about it? thanks

Of course you can. Just make a string in Python and print it like this:

text = "hi all"
display = ""
for character in text:
         display += character

Will that make it so the sentences are formed one letter at a time? Like old RPG’s?

Easy! You make a plane with the text all set up. Then you just make it have some game logic that adds to “Text” property. There are several ways of doing this.
It just takes tampering with logic bricks.
I don’t know much about python, but I’m sure that it can be done with python, too.