Story Pilot: Concept art, stills, animations needed

I am producing a pilot for a story I am writing and need to hire artists. I am personally an intermediate Blender user, so I would prefer to have elements created for Blender workflow, rather than other programs.

I am looking for:
-Quality professional 3D models for stills and animation
-Environments, people, aliens, cities, spaceships, etc
-Several characters have long hair and loose clothing, so the modeler must be competent with hair modeling and physics

Project styles:
-Future Sci-fi
-Realistic, but stylized
-Not cartoon or anime looking

If interested, please be prepared to provide your rates and portfolio, and which parts of the project you are most suited for.

If the team is assembled within budget, the project could start in January or February 2018.

Thank you,

Zadan Arts

Sent a private message, thanks

Sent a PM, thank you for the opportunity!

Hello Shaun,

I sent you a PM.


Hello ,it’s a really interesting project! I’d like to give my contribution for aircrafts and environment,and other models if you want. I send you a private message :slight_smile:

Hello Zadan Arts,

PM has been sent with all the details.
Please check and feel free to contact.

Thank You

Send you a PM, Please take a look at our portfolio

I sent you a pm, in case you are still looking for some help