Storyboarder v2 released: free story boarding software

Impressive storyboarding software. It features a super-simple to use shot generator with virtual FK/IK rigged dummy characters. It works perfectly well with Krita instead of Photoshop as long as the default app to open PSD files is changed to Krita.

  • Imports script files in Fountain and Final Draft format to automatically create all the boards.
  • Export to Premiere, Final Cut, Avid, PDF, AnimGIF
  • generate scenes in seconds with the improved shot generator: no drawing skills required!

New Features

Shot Generator

  • Complete Shot Generator Refactor - should result in faster performance and but otherwise should behave the same
  • Shot Explorer - A very cool new window that shows you tons of camera opportunities based on the scene
  • Attachables refactored - Attachables will bind more correctly between SG and VR
  • New UI in shot generator
  • Camera Controls in UI - Easier for beginners to control the camera without key commands
  • Tooltips - Easy to learn the key commands for camera movements
  • Tabs in the inspector - We reorganized the inspector to make it easier to make changes on objects
  • Orbit around objects - Select an object, hold control and drag the mouse to orbit camera around object
  • Change Shot Type - Select drop down to change camera framing and angle
  • Refactor of IK System and display of IK pole targets - You can now move elbows and knees like in VR
  • Gizmos to rotate objects in shot generator


  • Multiuser - Multiple headsets can enter the same Shot Generator scene and see each other
  • Fix for HTTPS VR - Note, this will give you a scary warning. Click advanced details and proceed.
  • Fixed a bug where custom environment would not load in VR


  • Integration with Shot Core

Coming Very Soon

  • Shot Generator AR - View and manipulate your scene through your phone. Like VR, but easier!
  • Multiuser in Different Places! - Share a link and invite people to join your VR scene to edit
  • Control Center View - Get an overview of your scene
  • Import PSD Files
  • Emotions - I’m not crying, you’re crying

Download here on Github:



Great finding, thanks for posting.