Storyidea, need tutorials for concept

Hello all,

Video games about war.
The idea is far from new, but I try to give it a twist.


This is how:

In one line: Experience the life of a soldier in WWII when not in battle (but also in battle?<- not sure)).

Emphasis: Building camps, guardposts and managing equipment of captured towns and settlements.

What will be in-game: From footsoldiers to heavy machinegun nests and from light scoutvehicles to MRLS like vehicles.
Gametype: Free-roam

Furthermore it is just a concept in my head.

But now the question:

How do you start with drawing concept sketches (for such a thing)?
Does anybody knows a good site?
Even if it’s paid.

there is one good site … its called blender artists forum!! :smiley:

check this out :

You can have a look at the existing process for games - I used to have a book for the making of DOOM 3d. Then there are movie books eg star wars, blade runner, etc which have skills that would be transferable.
With a bit of modesty, you may wish to click on my sign and go through the website to see if you can get some ideas that way.
All the best for your project!~