Straight Bezier Curves Problem

Hello. I am a complete beginner to Blender and as part of a course I am taking at Uni we have to create something using it.

I’m following a few tutorials and am currently on one using Bezier Curves.

The problem I am having is that I have to be in front view but when I select to add a Bezier Curve it just appears straight and I cannot curve it or anything. I have searched more tutorials on them but they all say the same “go to front view, add the curve etc” What can I do to stop them being straight in front view and curvy like in top view?

Switch on button named “3D”. :slight_smile:

Sorry to be a complete noob but I don’t see the 3D button, where do I find it?

When I have the starting cube I can move around it in 3D though. Sorry for my complete incompetence again


In the Curve and Surface panel in the buttons window, there is an icon on the right side labeled 3D.

Best of Luck!

Thank you so much!

Older versions of Blender always created new objects facing the user view. If you were in front view, objects were added with the Z axis pointing toward the front; side view, Z to the side, etc.

Newer versions of Blender have this option disabled by default, and instead always create objects with the Z axis pointing up. If you’re okay with always rotating objects to follow older tutorials, just remember when you create an object (like your curve) to go into side view and rotate negative 90 degrees to point Z forward.

If you’d like to restore the old behavior, there’s a button in the user preferences window labeled “Align to view.” It’s on the left side of the Edit Methods prefs.

Thanks so much guys. I was really stuck.