Strange Aircraft WIP

Thanks everybody! :slight_smile: I am very happy you like it and looking forward to see it finished. :wink: I’m going to texture it as fast as possible (and as good as I can ;)). At 1st August I’m going on holiday for two weeks so I’m not quite sure I can make it before my holiday.

Anyway thank you again!

Greetings to everyone! :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry my bad - that was Shift + E…that’s what happens when you don’t have blender at your fingertips at times

Ahh don’t worry. :slight_smile:

By the way:

Sorry, guys. I’m leaving tomorrow for two weeks and I can’t finish it before my holiday. :frowning:

But as soon as I come back from my holiday I will start to work on this textures. :slight_smile:

See you!